How To Make A Furnished Apartment Feel More Like Home

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Moving into a furnished apartment can come with a host of decorating struggles. You may already have furniture that you're unable to bring with you, or you might be wondering how you're going to decorate your furnished apartment without getting in trouble with your landlord. However, even if you can't add your own personal style through furniture, there are plenty of ways to make your furnished apartment feel more like home. Read on for a few easy decorating tips to use for furnished apartments.

Personal touches

Adding a few personal touches to your space, even if it's a short term apartment, can help it feel much more like home. Try adding a few framed photos of loved ones, pets, or other things and people you love as reminders that the space is truly yours.

Make it your style

Even if the furniture's already been added to your apartment, there are still plenty of ways to show your personal style with decor. Pick out statement pieces that reflect your own tastes, such as rugs, artwork, or even blankets and throw pillows. Just make sure to take the furniture into account when you're shopping for new decor, so your tastes don't clash too strongly with what's already in the apartment.

Temporary versions of long-term options

Want to add wallpaper or wall hangings, but worried about your security deposit? There are plenty of temporary alternatives to popular long-term decor additions. Instead of wallpaper, try vinyl decals or removable contact paper. If you want to hang your photos and art, use detachable adhesive hooks instead of nails in the wall. This way you can make additions that make your one bedroom apartment feel like home, even if you can't adjust major elements of the space.

The average length of stay in corporate housing is 84 days, but however long you end up staying in your short term housing situation, you want your space to feel like home. Use these tips to make sure your space truly feels like yours, however long you plan on staying there.

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Jeff Raschka