Want a functional kitchen layout? Here is what you need

What You Need for a Chef-Worthy Kitchen


Your kitchen is a place for gatherings, conversation and nourishment. And it should be a focal point in your home. No matter your level of culinary expertise, purposeful design can create a space you'll love to be in and want to cook in. 

If you're considering a new look for your kitchen, here are six features that you can integrate to create a beautiful, functional space that's worthy of any home chef.

1. Opt for Ample Workspace 
Nothing hampers cooking more than an awkward design that forces you to fight for space. Speak to your architect about extending your kitchen’s footprint to allow for more workspace. 

2. Install Two Sinks 
The sink is the most critical fixture in the kitchen. And the most used. Resolve the single- versus double-bowl debate by installing two. Separate sinks will allow for dedicated areas for food prep and clean up.

3. Mind The Appliance Sizes 
Size is often overrated when it comes to kitchen appliances. Standard-size, built-in ovens, ranges and dishwashers typically offer enough space to prepare large meals. That said, a larger refrigerator can be beneficial for families with diverse food preferences. 

4. Remember The Magic Triangle 
An unobstructed kitchen work triangleis the most efficient layout. It involves arranging the refrigerator, sink, and cooking area in a close, triangular pattern for integrative use of all three. 

5. Be Functional 
Open shelving in corners, slide-out spice racks and ample outlets for small appliances are essential to making every inch of your kitchen work for you.

6. Choose Natural Lighting 
Natural lighting provides greater visibility, inspires cleanliness and reinforces health-consciousness. If you have limited wall space, consider skylights or clerestory windows

Perhaps the most crucial factor of your kitchen: you. How you design your kitchen should reflect the goals you have as both a chef and homeowner. 

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