Don't miss these spring and summer design trends

Design With Confidence This Spring


Spring is the perfect time for a fresh start -- like redesigning your interior. And lucky for you, there are several new trends to keep an eye on.

Want to decorate with confidence? Just remember to make choices that will effortlessly move you from spring to summer.

So what are designers recommending?

1. Seasonal Colors
This year, the Pantone Color Institute suggests 16 colors to inspire “confidence and spirit.” The palette includes Fiesta, Jester Red, Turmeric, Living Coral, Pink Peacock and others. You’ve probably seen these bright colors on the red carpet -- and they’ll translate well to your home’s interior. 

2. Light Wood Flooring
Going light is the latest in modern flooring. Light wood floors blend with other neutrals in your home. Plus they offer a new take on a classic option. They’re almost luminescent under natural lighting, which works perfectly with the next trend on this list. 

3. Florals
Natural beauty is in vogue, including indoor plants, floral images and sustainable materials. Want to soften angular spaces around your home? Look for floral patterns on paintings, placemats and wallpaper for that natural dimension.

Of course, any one of these elements can instantly refresh your space. But how can you make them work together?

Use some of Pantone’s hues to choose the color for a new piece of furniture, draw out the shades in a floral painting or create a boldly colored backsplash for your kitchen. Mixing and matching will create a cohesive home design. 

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