Turn a Piece of History Into Your Home

You don’t need a traditional house to make a home. Unconventional buildings — like churches, barns, lighthouses and even castles — can be transformed into modern living spaces with a unique style. 

But don’t forget to inquire about renovation regulations, especially those for old structures.

The process of converting a historical property into a home requires a lot of work. If you’ve thought about buying a historical property, these tips may help you redesign it:

Declutter before you restore. One of the most exciting elements of converting an old building into a home is considering how to repurpose and restore antiquated features. But it can be hard to know which elements of the original building to keep. Start with the obvious (like getting rid of dilapidated items) and work from there.

Talk to professionals. It may sound fun to reimagine the property all on your own, but getting professional opinions can be invaluable. Consider hiring architects, inspectors and interior designers. Blend their ideas with your own, and take their precautions seriously. 

Consider future upkeep. When it comes to large buildings, think carefully about what level of upkeep you’re willing to endure post-renovation. Castles, churches and lighthouses require more maintenance than a standard home.

How will you clean the windows or change lightbulbs? Think about these logistical elements before you get too far into your project. 

Emphasize unique characteristics. By converting an old building into a home, you’re preserving something. One of the simplest ways to celebrate that history is to maintain and emphasize key characteristics of the original architecture. Let your creativity wander as you take the old design into modernity.

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Tobey Pino