Key Benefits Of Short Term Furnished Apartments Over Hotels


Temporary housing becomes a necessity for many different people, from those traveling for work to people in transition between homes. The corporate housing industry in the United States alone has seen the financial benefits of these needs; 2016 marked the housing industry's fourth consecutive year of growth. While you may think that you can easily make do in a hotel room for a few months, consider the possibility of short term furnished apartments instead.

Homey Locations

Even the best hotel chains are still built in more commercial locations. Unless you prefer the sound of cars driving on a highway all night or the smell of fast food restaurants, you will feel more at home in the neighborhoods of short term furnished apartments.

When you're choosing between apartments, you will be able to find a location that appeals to your interests and comforts. You could opt for an apartment on a quiet, tree-lined street or a trendy neighborhood with nightlife within walking distance. The choice is up to you, but the most important part is that you have the choice.

Lower Costs

Even if you may find an economical hotel with decent amenities, those nightly stays can quickly add up to around $1,000 per week. You could easily pay the same amount or significantly less for an apartment's monthly rent.

Even better, these apartments will likely be nicer in appearance and accommodations than the hotel rooms you can find. If you aren't staying a full month, you can easily look into the option of prorating the rent for only the weeks that you stayed.

Better Amenities

The most appealing aspect of short term furnished apartments is that they are furnished. When you rent a furnished apartment, you will likely have a fully equipped kitchen, a living room with seating and a television, and a bed ready for you to snuggle into. You may even have a porch or small backyard as a convenient outdoor retreat.

While you can find these types of amenities in many hotel rooms, they come with a higher price. Even if your room has them, hundreds of hotel guests have used them before you. As renters tend to stay in apartments for much longer than hotel rooms, significantly fewer people will have stayed in your short term apartment.

If you want to make your short term stay as comfortable as possible, opt for a furnished apartment. You'll feel right at home in almost no time without the hassle of a hotel.

Jeff Raschka