What To Do In NYC When You Live In Corporate Housing

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You've already completed the big job of securing your corporate housing for your stay in New York City. Now, you're wondering how exactly you should spend your free time in this sprawling metropolis of practically endless possibilities.

Although the average length of stay for a corporate housing client in the United States is about 84 days, the massive amount of entertainment and activities in the Big Apple would take up all of these days and more. Plan out your free time with thought and care by using this guide to the spots that locals and tourists alike love to frequent.

Tour The Food

New York City is well-known as a melting pot for all of the cultures that have come to the United States over the last few centuries, and the city's wide array of edible offerings certainly reflects that. Venture to the Midtown Manhattan neighborhood of Koreatown to get your fill of Korean BBQ and kimchi one night, then take a jaunt down to Lower Manhattan to wander the streets of Little Italy the next. Don't be afraid to step out of Manhattan and into Brooklyn, Queens, or the Bronx to sample other cuisines like Ethiopian, Jamaican, Mediterranean, and so much more.

Get Museum-Happy

One of the best ways New Yorkers escape their furnished one bedroom apartments is by visiting the many museums scattered throughout the boroughs. In Manhattan alone, you can spend a day each at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the American Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Modern Art, and more.

You can also hop on the subway to spend the day at the Brooklyn Museum and Brooklyn Botanic Garden or head north to the Bronx Zoo. If you're inclined to spend all of your weekends at museums and other cultural centers, look into passes or cards that bundle admissions to each of these institutions for one price.

Go Out On The Town

While you now have an idea of where to get the best grub and how to spend your days, you'll still have many open nights while you stay in the best corporate housing NYC offers. Have no fear, New York City is known as the city that never sleeps for good reason.

Bars and nightclubs tend to stay open until three or four in the morning and you can find one on almost every corner of every borough. If you enjoy watching a performance more than showcasing your moves on the dance floor, there is always live music, plays, comedy shows, and other performances that will give you memories to last well beyond your stay in the city.

Moving to a new city is an intimidating experience, even if it is for a temporary stay. The best way to adjust is by diving into all of the experiences the city offers, and New York City is certainly not short on an offering of experiences. Get your Metro Card ready and have fun exploring one of the greatest cities in the world.

Jeff Raschka