Three Benefits of Corporate Apartments

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Corporate apartments have recently become very popular in the business world. In 2016, for instance, corporate housing occupancy was 12.5% higher than it was in 2012. And this statistic is even considering that the 2016 percentage had declined a bit from the previous year. Why are so many businesses utilizing corporate apartments? Let’s look at three main reasons for this trend. 

1. Corporate Apartments Offer Great Versatility

A company or corporation can find the type of corporate housing that suits their individual needs. Among these could be a one bedroom apartment, furnished apartments, or short term apartments, to name a few. This is wonderfully convenient for a wide variety of business situations. It is especially convenient for executive apartments, for instance, where the unit is not occupied by the same person on a routine basis.; but rather, may be used to host various guests and visitors.

2. Corporate Apartments Offer Great Locations

Corporate apartments are often conveniently located in the city center, close to local business centers, offices, and attractions, as opposed to airport motels which tend to be located further away from the city center. In addition, quite often, but not always, the common areas of corporate apartments can be lavish. Options might include, nice floral arrangements, concierge service, a gazebo grilling area with fire pit, hot tub, walking trails, an infinity pool, swimming pool and perhaps a fitness centers. These amenities are all conducive to hosting business meetings and get-togethers. 

3. Corporate Apartments Feature Good Reception

In this age of the Internet, good, reliable reception is important to business people all over the world. Travelers will need to have access to Internet mobile connectivity during their visit. Great coverage is a must, and corporate apartments can even offer their own IT staff. As far as running a business, this is a major consideration for corporations who are renting corporate apartments.

What is the takeaway here? Clearly, having the option for employees to stay in corporate apartments is very positive. Employees are more comfortable and relaxed than when they are staying in a motel. With the amenities, they have the opportunity to entertain clients in the luxurious accommodations. This could actually lead to more professional productivity, making corporate apartments a great idea for everyone involved.

Jeff Raschka