Three Lively Locations For NYC Corporate Housing

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Making the Most of Corporate Housing in NYC

Corporate housing may be the perfect solution when relocating for a new job, transitioning to a new position, or simply staying in an area for an extended period of time. Corporate apartments are sophisticated short-term rentals where most occupants stay an average of 84 days. They offer a financially savvy option that is cheaper than a hotel but requires less commitment than a full time apartment lease. Traveling can be hectic but what better way to live than situating yourself within a hub of furnished one bedroom NYC apartments so you have time to enjoy The Big Apple in your downtime.

Lively Places for Furnished One Bedroom NYC Apartments

Furnished one bedroom apartments are scattered in the most iconic parts of New York City. Depending on your taste in life, you can select the perfect short term apartment to make the most of your New York City stay. Here are just three options to consider before choosing a corporate housing apartment.

  1. Queens: If you're craving the real feel of big city living, a one bedroom apartment in Queens is the perfect place to crash after exploring the city. For starters, just take in the skyline. Then watch the Mets play a game at Citi Field while you decide which cuisine you want to have for dinner that evening. Then finish your day off with a drink from one of the oldest bars in NYC, Neir's Tavern.

  2. Manhattan: Furnished one bedroom apartments in Manhattan offer you a location with a little bit of glitz and glam. Broadway brings the streets to life with famous musicals while late night TV culture entices onlookers into their studios. This location also offers easy access by Ferry to tour Ellis Island so time can be spent learning about the famous immigration inspection station.

  3. Staten Island: If the lively inner city life is not appealing, Staten Island offers their own take on furnished one bedroom apartments. Staten Island is a quieter suburban feel. This location is ideal for the history buff wanting to take in culture. There are over 170 parks to explore and a plethora of art and historical museums to browse. It allows a person to take a breath in a fast paced city while still having close access to nightlife and great food.

Whatever your taste is when it comes to city living, New York City can certainly offer it. Finding the right location in a furnished apartment will help make the most of your time exploring The Big Apple.

Jeff Raschka