Make Your PCS Easier by Staying at Corporate Apartments

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It's that time again. You have just gotten your orders for a permanent change of station (PCS). Your family is ready for it, it isn't their first time, but that doesn't mean it gets any easier.

The military will put you up at your next base until you find a home, but it's not a process you ever want to rush. You've rushed it before and ended up unhappy in your new home. This just made everyone in your family unhappy and it took longer for them to settle in comfortably.

Why not make the transition easier by staying at corporate apartments?

5 Reasons to Choose Corporate Apartments on Your Next PCS

  1. Short Term
    About 40% of people who use corporate apartments do so because they're relocating. This is perfect for your family because they are familiar with relocating regularly. What makes a relocation successful though, is how much you can turn your new base into a home and how quickly. 
    You, of course, don't want to rush things because that runs the risk of finding something no one is really happy with. This makes corporate housing perfect because you can find short term furnished apartments.

  2. One Bedroom
    If your PCS comes in the middle of the school year, and let's face it, they often do, you could even go on ahead to your new permanent change of station and rent a one bedroom apartment alone while the rest of your family finishes out the year. This ensures a more steady and amicable transition for everyone involved. It also means you can explore and familiarize yourself with your new home. When your family does eventually follow, you'll know all the ins and outs because you'll have lived closer to town than the base may allow.

  3. More Freedom
    While living at base housing or staying at the hotels may be more convenient for you and your job, it does not always provide the most freedom of movement. Staying at corporate apartments allows you to move more freely around your new city because you won't have the back and forth hassle of getting on and off the base several times a day. You're used to it, but that doesn't mean it's your favorite thing.

  4. More Time to Find the Perfect Home
    If you've gone ahead of your family to your new base, you are likely searching daily for the perfect home. Staying in corporate apartments means you don't run out of time before you have to find a home. If you spend the time searching carefully and find the best fit for everyone in your family, the relocation is more likely to go smoothly.

  5. Extra BAH
    Chances are, you can find some corporate apartments that are under your housing allowance costs. With that extra bit of cash in your pocket, you can have more money to invest in your new home or just extra money! 'Gotta love that extra money!

Jeff Raschka